Going down again? … or not

I choosed SIF5 for today instead of BET-FI both due to more evidence found regarding posible future trends as well as the fact that all SIFs had their exdividend date lately. As I was mentioning in the previous article I am focusing on fibonacci retracements for confirming or not the movement started in march to be an impulsive and not a corrective wave. First level in SIF5’s case would be the 0.85 where we stand now. Due to international movements these days I think this will fall so the next one is arround 0.75, quite 12% lower. Since I have mentioned impulsive and corrective waves, I tried to count them according to Elliot’s Wave Theory. If the counting posted is correct then we have a complete five wave impulsive which according to the same theory would be followed most likely by a three wave corrective. We might just have the A but we can’t confirm it’s over. SO as an advice, should you not have sold allready and try to make a gain following the 0,75 buy as close to a support you should wait for the upward phase of the considered A-B-C. Remember, these are just assumptions! trackingapps.org/text-spy-app

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    As I was mentioning in the previous article I am focusing on fibonacci retracements for confirming or not the movement started in march to […….

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